Kathleen Day-Gomez

The Malcontents: Henry, 2020
Acrylic on card stock
Series of 6
12 x 12 in.

Henry’s dead. What Henry misses most is his social media—-minus the bullying. Which incidentally partially to blame for his current predicament. Depression + bullying = suicide more often than it should. It’s a hateful cocktail. Depression is a serious mental health issue and we need to be empathetic to those who experience it, seek help if we ourselves do. Bullying should never be tolerated to any degree, and this new age of passive aggressive behavior and classism IS a form of bullying. Suicide is 100% preventable and it starts with listening. Live compassionately and be conscientious of the feelings of others around you.

Kathleen Day-Gomez


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the artist

Kathleen Day-Gomez

Internationally published multidisciplinary artist, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of the winner of TFIA's Magazine of the Year, Pepper Magazine. With a passion for creating art that is both visually appealing and socially conscious, Kathleen has dedicated her life to inspiring and empowering others.
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