Chelsea Delaney

Orphan's Uprising, 2020
Mixed media and acrylic on reclaimed canvas
30 x 30 in.

This piece started with a reclaimed, and desperately ugly, painting from the deep storage of a furniture store. As I pondered why I brought it home, I started to wonder how often the story we have about something is not the story it has about itself. I was seeing a waste of canvas, but what was the beauty and internal song of this orphan?We rarely get the full picture, and art is a beautiful reminder for us to dig deeper. I hope the rebel spirit in this piece will connect with your own overlooked stories, waiting to be told.

Chelsea Delaney


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Chelsea Delaney

Chelsea Delaney was involved in the world of words for many years as a writer and teacher. His love for the visual arts has been stirred up as a result of his training in expressive arts therapy. This has opened up a new realm of creativity for him to explore, allowing him to express himself in ways he never thought possible and share it with others.
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