We believe that no one should ever feel alone in their artistic journey, and we are here to help.


Each piece of art comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


All are welcome, valued, and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

Mission and Vision Statement

Re-Route Art Magazine and Alora Neurodivergent Art Dealers, both projects of Alora Farm, a 501(c)(3) public charity, work in tandem to promote the voices and perspectives of neurodivergent artists.

Re-Route Art Magazine provides a platform for neurodivergent artists to share their stories, experiences, and unique perspectives with a broader audience. Additionally, it challenges and redefines traditional ideas about art and who can create it.

Galerie d'Art Neurodivergent is the online gallery for Alora Neurodivergent Art Dealers. It provides a space for neurodivergent artists to showcase their work and be recognized for their unique talents and perspectives while being supported and mentored to grow their art careers.

These initiatives complement each other to further promote the Neurodivergent community's message and challenge ableist norms in the art world.

Art serves as a powerful and valuable platform for Neurovariant individuals to convey their distinctive perspectives and experiences, providing an expressive visual medium for self-expression, healing, and advocacy.

We view an art transaction as more than just a mere purchase; it provides an opportunity to own a unique piece and connect with the artist's story. At our gallery, we prioritize the satisfaction and mutual respect of both parties involved in the agreement. We provide our esteemed collectors with quality, originality, and fair pricing, ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated.


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