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A Letter From The Editor: The Beauty of Accomodating With Grace

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Dear Readers,

As the pages of this magazine finally find their way into your hands, there is a tale of time and patience woven within these words that I believe is worth sharing. We, the editorial team, artists, and writers, took a path less traveled, one that led us to embrace the beautiful tapestry of neurodiversity. It is with pride and immense satisfaction that I write to you about the journey that has shaped this very issue.

You may have noticed that this edition has arrived later than expected. Allow me to shed light on the reason behind this small departure from our regular schedule. We made a conscious decision, one that aligns with the essence of our commitment to inclusivity, to extend the timeline for this issue. We opened our arms wide to embrace the creative minds and hearts of our neurodivergent contributors, writers, and artists. We recognized the importance of crafting an environment where they could thrive and share their unique voices without being bound by the ticking hands of a clock. It was a choice rooted in our belief that dignity should be upheld above all else.

Deadlines are the anchors of our industry, essential for keeping the rhythm of our work alive. However, this instance reminded us that our ultimate mission is to create art that resonates, uplifts, and speaks to the core of the human experience. We understood that the vibrant mosaic of perspectives stemming from the neurodivergent community could not be rushed. And so, we let time unfold, allowing this issue to become a testament to the intricate beauty that emerges when we make room for those whose minds dance to a different rhythm.

In a world often dominated by the relentless pursuit of quantity, we proudly champion the banner of quality. Every piece within these pages embodies a labor of love, a testament to the dedicated efforts of a team that truly cares. This issue is a blend of wisdom and warmth, intellect and emotion. It speaks volumes about our ethos, our passion, and our respect for the manifold ways in which the human mind expresses itself.

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to every single person who played a part in bringing this issue to life. To our neurodivergent contributors, thank you for your patience, your authenticity, and your courage to share your truths. To our artists and writers who accommodated this shift, your flexibility and understanding are awe-inspiring. And to our readers, caregivers, disability advocates, and government officials who stand with us in celebration of neurodiversity, your unwavering support fuels our commitment to making space for every voice.

On a personal note, I am thrilled to share that we have been nominated for the "Celebrating Neurodiversity" award. This nomination humbles us, reminding us that the work we do is a ripple that extends beyond the pages of this magazine. It is a testament to the power of unity, understanding, and creative expression.

Re-Route Magazine has been shortlisted for Celebrating Neurodiversity Award 2023!

In closing, dear readers, I invite you to immerse yourselves in the pages that follow. Let the stories, the poems, the art, and the perspectives fill your heart with the richness that only comes from embracing differences. Let this issue be a testament to the fact that while deadlines are important, the dignity of every individual is paramount. Together, we have woven a masterpiece, one that exemplifies the boundless beauty that emerges when we make accommodations for each other’s unique brilliance.

With warmth and admiration,

Yvette Bonilla Leach

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